Our Mission

Team Seitan - Our Mission

Affordability – since making the change to veganism in 2012, we have often been asked whether we have found it more expensive ‘to eat vegan’. For many this is a barrier to making the change, that and getting enough protein! The simple answer is, it doesn’t need to be more expensive or hard to get the recommended amount of daily protein, especially as a Vegan. Believe it or not, Plants are absolutely choc full of protein. Quick Mix Seitan, is a budget conscious, delicious and high protein alternative to, the often highly processed & plastic packaged, multitude of mock meats available on the market today. When incorporated into varied and balanced plant-based diet, Quick Mix Seitan should help you notice the positive effect on your wallet, health and taste buds.

Environment & Sustainability – Quick Mix Seitan is packaged in compostable Natureflex bags with recycled paper labels. The inks and glues used for our labels are certified Vegan and food safe. We believe that we all need to take on the role of responsible custodians of this beautiful planet we inhabit. We try to do our bit wherever possible to minimise our negative impact and maximise the positive. Tell us if there's anything you think we could do better.

Social responsibility – we firmly believe that ‘we need to be the change we want to see in the world’. As individuals, Team Seitan support numerous charities both at home and abroad. We will be looking at ways we can engage with local charities as a business over the coming months and more details will be posted here soon.