Introducing Team Seitan

The Quick Mix Seitan Family

Quick Mix Seitan was born from a love of nutritious, tasty, vegan food focused on affordability and ease. Founder owners, Frankie and Ade Payne, are a husband wife team who started their vegan journey, along with their three children, in 2012.

As a family that has never been shy to admit a passion for good food, it wasn’t long after making the commitment to go plant-based that Frankie stumbled across recipes calling for Seitan, or Wheat Meat.

Notoriously tricky to get ‘just right’, Frankie has spent the last few years perfecting her own Seitan recipes to maximise flavour, texture and nutrition.

Now, with the enthusiastic encouragement of family and friends, vegan and non-vegan alike, that have been our willing tasters and guinea pigs, we are excited to be able to make the perfect Seitan Quick Mix available to you and yours. And you have the added knowledge of buying from a UK company, that is owned and operated wholly by vegans.

Delicious and nutritious ingredients perfectly combined. Quick and simple to make. Affordable, tasty, versatile, sustainable and 100% vegan. It's a no brainer.