New Stockists!

So we have been working hard to get the word out to one and all, about our delicious new 'ready to make' seitan mixes. And, one of the wonderful things about talking to customers and retailers, is the overwhelmingly positive response we have had in the few short weeks since we launched. Many have no idea what seitan even is but are totally intrigued by the idea of a completely unprocessed plant-based mock meat. More still know about it but have been daunted by the complexity of the recipes they have seen, and therefore put off making their own wheat meats at home. And still more have tried to make seitan at home with mixed results after trawling the shops for all the necessary ingredients, and setting aside a few hours to put it all together. The upshot of all of this is, 3 new retail stockists and more in the pipeline!

Details below of the 3 fabulous stores that are now stocking our Quick Mix Seitan mixes:

The Refilling Station LeedsThe Refilling Station has two brilliant stores in Harrogate and Leeds (YORKSHIRE), and in addition to stocking our 'ready to make' wheat meat mixes they also sell lots of lovely loose dried foods (take your own containers if you can), laundry/cleaning liquid refills, shampoo/conditioner refills and lots of other sustainably packaged items (food, cleaning products, cosmetics/shampoos and soaps etc).  More info here -


Alternative Stores Tyne & WearAlternative Stores is a wonderfull 100% vegan superstore based in Whitley Bay (TYNE & WEAR) but also selling nationwide as an ONLINE retailer. With everything from groceries andcleaning products to cosmetics, clothes and shoes. More info here -


More stockists in the pipeline and will be announced soon.