Free shipping & a shiny New Website

We've been working hard at Seitan HQ these last few weeks; getting orders out both to our retail & wholesale customers, revamping our website so it looks like something from this century rather than the last, and just generally working our socks off. We know you lovely lot are all doing the same; working from home, or in new socially distanced ways in the work place, homeschooling kids, garden landscaping projects that you've been putting off for years, house decorating etc etc.

Seitan meal inspiration collage with Quick Mix Seitan bags

Eating well when we are all so busy trying to get to grips with our new normal can be tricky, but our seitan mixes make nutritious, homemade plant-based wheat meat easy peasy, and have the added benefit of being the tastiest seitan around.  

So to celebrate ticking lots of things off our 'to do' lists, and to make it even easier to eat well, we are now offering free shipping on all UK orders over £29. Get some seitan in your life! Buy online now.